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Annual report maps for Bloomberg Philanthropies

One of the world’s largest data-driven charities uses maps to measure and communicate its impact.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Annual Report Program MApMap of coal plant closures in the U.S. and Europe for Bloomberg Philanthropies.Map of coal plant closures in the U.S. and Europe for Bloomberg Philanthropies.
Bloomberg Philanthropies Tobacco Control Data Visualization Map

Event Graphics for Bloomberg

Map of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ tobacco control efforts for the 2018 World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Cape Town.

Event map for tobacco control conference.

Schema Design turned our maps of urban growth into wall-size animations at the 2019 Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Beijing.

Event map for 2019 Bloomberg New Economy Forum.
Event map for 2019 Bloomberg New Economy Forum, alternate view.

Maps tell your story. We make engaging, persuasive maps for your reports, decks, events and walls.

Asset maps for Prologis

When the real estate titan updated its visual identity, the marketing team commissioned new maps to match.

Asset map for HollyFrontier

The refiner needed a synoptic view of their infrastructure to display in its Dallas headquarters.

Thematic Maps & Infographics for Magazines

Maps on topics including energy, agriculture and nature for National Geographic, Bloomberg Businessweek and TakePart Media.

Map and data visualization for National Geographic – Germany's Energy Revolution
Businessweek map and data visualization - Natural Gas VehiclesNational Geographic map and data visualization – Boston Gas Leaks
Businessweek map and data visualization - migrationTakePart Media Tire Recycling Data Visualization and Map
National Geographic map and data visualization – Global Crop Changes
National Geographic map and data visualization – The Coastal Wolves of British ColumbiaBusinessweek map and data visualization - Greenland's Mineral Windfall
Businessweek map and data visualization - 25 years of oil spills

Maps are your most powerful tool for visual storytelling. What do your maps say?

Interactive Map

It’s All Yours: Public Lands of the United States


“Evan Applegate is much more than a mapmaker—he is one of the most clever and self-motivated graphics editors I have had the pleasure of working with. A good data visualizer can handle the what, where and when questions, but Evan is gifted with the the why questions, which are often much more interesting.”

Jennifer Daniel

Design Manager, Expression Design Team, Google
Emoji Subcommittee Chair, Unicode

“Evan Applegate is an exceptional designer capable of simplifying complex data and presenting it in easily-understood graphics. He has been an invaluable collaborator to better the graphics we create at Businessweek.”

Kenton Powell

Former Graphics Editor, Businessweek

Former Graphics Manager, VICE News Tonight & Quibi

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