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What we do

Big orgs’ maps are either (a) lots of geo-insights condensed into rough-looking maps, (b) nicely-designed maps thin on data. Nobody’s fault; tell-me cartography lies in a gap between GIS expertise and graphic design. We bridge that gap.

Give us your data, get a beautiful map and a style guide. And if your GIS or design team has time, we can teach them to make and maintain their own beautiful maps.



“Evan is much more than a mapmaker—he is one of the most clever and self-motivated graphics editors I have had the pleasure of working with. A good data visualizer can handle the what, where and when questions, but Evan is gifted with the the why questions, which are often much more interesting.”

Jennifer Daniel

Design Manager, Expression Design Team, Google

“Evan is an exceptional designer capable of simplifying complex data and presenting it in easily-understood graphics.”

Kenton Powell

Creative Technologist, Schema Design

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